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Magical Editing Bunnies

You know you want their cookies and microphones!

Bunnies Anonymous
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Welcome to Bunnies Anonymous. A fun community for those of us who want to torture Amber about her and her love bunny (who will remain nameless outside of entries for protection).

Do not ask to join if I do not know you or you do not know any of the current members. You may send a request, but please make sure to leave a note letting me know who you are and why you want to join. If you cannot tell me what any of the interests mean, you do not know enough to join yet.

All entries will be locked at the request of Amber. And unfortunately I'm a softy and I owe her since I didn't delete those numbers when I should have >.>;... but damnit! He thought it was funny when Amy called him! XD!

Anywho, have fun, kiddies =3.


If any member of this community would like to do a design for this journal, let me know. With school I really don't have the time to be playing around with it for the time being. But I will gladly update its design with specific change requests from members when I have free time ^_~.